Year 2 to Year 3

 Year 2 - 3 montage 1

At KDHS we have over 140 students enrolled across Years 2 and 3. As is the case across the school there is a strong focus on embedding good literacy and numeracy skills along with developing higher level social conscience and problem solving abilities. The Year 2-3 Sub-school leader is Mrs Gail Baker.

Our Year 2 classes are based in the Homestead building and play in the area between the Homestead and the Performing Arts Centre. Our Year 2 teaching team consists of Ms Siobhan O’Rourke, Mrs Maree Heidke and Mrs Megan McIntyre (Friday), Miss Hollee Moore and Mr Lyndon Smith (Year 2/3).

Year 3, together with the Year 4’s and 5’s  are based in the wonderful new buildings on the Coolibah Drive side of the school. These buildings, comprising fantastic learning spaces, new toilets, small group areas and fully equipped kitchen/wet areas are the envy of many schools across the state. The students’ play area is between Homestead, the Under covered area and the Administration block and the classrooms.

The aim across the middle primary is to consolidate the basic skills of education to a level of automaticity (where a student uses a skill without having to think about it). We then aim to help the students build on this foundation with the more difficult concepts needed for further education. The classrooms aim to promote a high standard of bookwork and behaviour and deliver the curriculum using explicit instruction strategies. This means all classes incorporate daily practice of skills and knowledge into their lessons. Teachers deliver new concepts using the I Do, We Do, You Do approach ensuring students are ready for each step before they are expected to attempt something (e.g. write a report or perform 2 digit multiplication) on their own.

The school has further implemented the Australian Curriculum in 2015, now reporting against the AC for English, Mathematics, Science and History and Geography. The move to the AC means we can guarantee parents that what is delivered at KDHS is equivalent to the curriculum being taught across Australia. The school continues to follow the WA Curriculum Framework for Health and Technology and Enterprise, delivering these lessons through collaborative learning and hands on activities, with an emphasis on developing cooperative and problem solving skills.

There are specialist teachers for Music, Physical Education, Art, Language other Than English (LOTE- Mandarin) and Library. These learning areas are taught outside the students’ regular classroom.

Year 2 - 3 montage 2

We are continuing our focus on Explicit Instruction, capitalising on the noticeable progress made in the previous two years to elevate student performance. We will continue to work closely with the Victorian educator John Fleming, who will be visiting Kununurra DHS in Terms 2 and 3. Based on a range of student data that has now been collected over several years, together with the observations of staff and others involved with our school, it is now possible to form the conclusion that a sustained improvement in literacy and numeracy is evident.

This term we are focusing on the two Mantras, which are “every child matters every day” and “all students can be high achievers”. This is evident in everything we try to do at Kununurra DHS.

There are also the six Givens which are: Relationships – between parents, teachers and students. High expectations – teachers expect a high standard of work from all students. Presentation and Handwriting – students keep their bookwork neat and tidy with no graffiti. Correction – teachers are marking students work every day. Display – the classrooms provide an attractive and enjoyable environment. Classroom tone – teachers and students maintain a good working environment which allows everyone to learn

Our Year 3 students participate in NAPLAN testing, and our students spend some time across Term 1 and early Term 2 doing general test preparation to ensure students approach these assessments with confidence. The dates for the tests this year are the 12th, 13th and 14th of May.

There are a number of people employed to support classrooms across the year 2-3 cohort:

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers: Each year group has a dedicated AIEO working with them. The roles these staff members perform are many and varied. They assist with engaging students and bring cultural knowledge to lessons and programs. Our AIEOs are extremely valuable to our school and we love having them in our classrooms!

Dedicated Education Assistants (EAs) who perform a multitude of duties in our classrooms.

Teachers participate in a ‘Watch Others Work’ programme, where they are able to watch peers deliver lessons and learn new strategies and ideas. In addition to this, deputy principals regularly visit classrooms and provide feedback for teachers on instructional strategies as part of our school wide coaching programme. These initiatives allow us to work towards every KDHS classroom being an effective classroom and every KDHS student having the opportunity to be a successful student.

The Year 2 and 3 students participate in many whole school events that add colour and energy to our school atmosphere. Some of these events include;

  • Fortnightly whole of primary assemblies.
  • Sub School Assemblies for BEARS Club, Bookwork and Behaviour awards.
  • Athletics carnival.
  • Visiting groups and artists.
  • NAIDOC Week activities.
  • Faction Choir Sing-Off.

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