Student Services

Pastoral Care at Kununurra District High School encompasses a total climate of care, which provides opportunities for students to realize their potential in an environment where students and staff respect one another. The staff at KDHS are positively disposed to developing and facilitating programs which foster positive, individual attitudes to school, monitoring students at risk and organising activities which build school spirit and community involvement in the school.

Student Services are coordinated by the Primary Assistant Principal (Student Services) and the Student Services Coordinator in secondary. The Student Services coordinators’ role is to support and liaise with school staff, students, their families and other agencies to ensure students are achieving their potential whilst at school. The focus is on improving student behaviour, health and well-being.

The School Psychologists are members of the Student Services Team at KDHS. The psychologists provides services for students, school staff, parents and inter-agency partners working with individuals, groups and initiatives that support the whole school. Service is provided in three main areas: Behaviour; Learning; Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The School Psychologists are based in Kununurra and provide services to many schools in the East Kimberley. The School Psychologists can be contacted through the school on 9168 4400.

AIEOs are placed into schools to provide support to the staff, students and the Indigenous community in an effort to enhance the effectiveness of school based programs. The responsibilities of the AIEOs include providing extra assistance to individual students or small groups; modeling Standard Australian English to students who speak other languages and dialects as their first language, and acting as a further communication link between teachers, students and the wider Indigenous community. An Aboriginal Education Council operates within the school and meets on a regular basis.

The local churches very generously support the placement of Chaplains at KDHS. The role of Chaplains is to provide for and act as a confidant to all students, staff and parents, in everyday life and in times of crisis. Chaplains work in a non-denominational manner and work with individuals addressing issues arising in and out of school. The issues may include bullying, welfare, parenting, behaviour, grief, friendships …

The Chaplains are involved in many activities around the school: lunch-time activities, camps, excursions as well as programs to support students in specific areas. Chaplains are available for parents, staff and students to seek confidential support and advice. Contact the Chaplains directly or by phone: 9168 4436.

A Deaf Education visiting teacher comes to KDHS and other schools across the Kimberley. The teacher advises class teachers on programs and techniques, and works with parents, Speech Therapists and our Disability Services cocoordinators to support education programs.

Learning Support Coordinators support classroom teachers to develop, implement and monitor learning plans for individuals and groups of students with disabilities or learning difficulties model effective teaching and support classroom teachers who have students requiring significant teaching and learning adjustments coordinate support for teachers (eg Statewide Specialist Services, interagency, Student Services)