School Council

Our Current Councillors

Peter Cottle (Chair)
Kate Wilson (Principal)
Tony Chafer
Rosemary Taffinder
Ian Warrener
Justine de Candia
Helen Thorne
Beth Van den Ham
Kellie Jackson
Jenny MacNeill
Sara Smith
Priscilla Williams

What is the School Council?
The Kununurra District High School Council is a group of people who help formulate the school’s educational objectives and priorities. The aim of the School Council is to make it possible for all members of the school community to share in making decisions about the school’s educational environment.

By “school community” we mean individuals or groups who are interested in and have the potential to influence the operation of the school (eg. parents / caregivers, community members, teachers and students from the school community).

What does the School Council do?
In general terms, the Kununurra School Council:

  • represents the educational needs and aspirations of students, teachers, parents / caregivers and the community
  • determines school priorities
  • assists in the formation of the School Plan
  • monitors the school’s learning outcomes
  • reviews the school’s priorities
  • monitors the allocation of resources (financial and human) to achieve the priorities set down in the School Plan
  • determines level of contributions and charges to be sought from parents / caregivers
  • determines the Dress Code for the school
  • advises on policy matters, but does not become involved in the day-to-day management of the school.

How do people join the School Council?
With the exception of the Principal, members of the School Council are elected for a period of up to two years. The Kununurra School Council operates in line with the School Education Act (1999) and relevant Regulations. Parent / Caregiver representatives are elected to their positions by parents and caregivers who have their details registered on their child’s Enrolment card.

Staff representatives are elected to their positions by the school staff (teaching and non-teaching). Community representatives are appointed to positions by the school Council.

How is the school Council different from the P&C?
The Kununurra Parents and Citizens’ Association has several functions. It:

  • operates the Canteen
  • conducts fund-raising activities so that additional resources can be purchased for the school
  • fosters community interest in educational matters
  • promotes the moral, physical, social and educational welfare of students at the school.

The School Council is essentially a decision making group. It represents the school community in the process of school planning and policy development.