What is PEAC? PEAC ( Primary Extension and Challenge) is a supplementary program that aims to provide challenging and highly motivating learning opportunities to children with exceptional academic capacity or creative talent.

How are students selected? State wide testing of Year 4 students is conducted each year.

  • TOLA (Acer Test of Learning Ability) is designed to measure language and reasoning abilities, which correlate with academic success.
  • SPM (Ravens Standard Progressive Matrices) is designed to measure students’ ability to see relationships and solve problems. SPM items are non-verbal and useful for identifying students who may not have strong language skills eg. children of non-English speaking backgrounds.

Year 5 & 6 students who achieve in the top 2.5% of either test are generally invited to participate in a PEAC program throughout the state. In addition Kununurra has included some students (local selection) who scored slightly lower than this cut-off.

What do PEAC students do? The learning experiences provided in PEAC are designed to challenge and extend students’ experiences of the school curriculum. They are conceptually demanding, complex and cross-curricula. A heavy emphasis is placed on higher order thinking skills, critical, lateral and parallel forms of thinking. Students are supported and encouraged to become producers of knowledge rather than reproducers.PEAC_Mousetrap racers 2014

When do students attend PEAC? Students are withdrawn from their regular classrooms period 3, 4 & 5 each Thursday to attend PEAC classes

How are PEAC students assessed? Students have to complete set projects, investigations and evaluation tasks. They receive a PEAC report each semester which comments on their approach to tasks and growth in terms of problem solving and thinking skills. The courses are planned to address the Critical and Creative Thinking aspects of the Australian Curriculum.PEAC_Electronics project 2014

Term 2 2015 PEAC

In term 2 students have worked enthusiastically in groups on a Mythbusters project, creating a video episode to bust or confirm a myth, using the scientific method to guide their experimenting. They have also started learning about the De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and how to use them to explore, analyse and evaluate.PEAC_Tournament of Minds 2014

Term 3 2015 PEAC

Students will be learning about and applying some of the Thinkers Keys Research skills will be a focus and students will have a choice of 2 projects:

  • Tournament of Minds  working in a group of 7 students, or
  • Independent Negotiated Research Project.