Kununurra District High School delivers a comprehensive curriculum across all learning areas.

KDHS offers students a diverse range of opportunities across all facets of their cognitive, social and emotional development.  Teachers aim to engage all students and provide them with the knowledge, skills, understanding and values necessary to successfully participate and prosper in an ever changing world. KDHS is a K-12 campus and follows the Western Australian Curriculum as mandated by the School’s Curriculum & Standards Authority (SCSA). The best practice model of Explicit Instruction for the delivery of all Programs is used across the school and all staff are provided professional learning opportunities to further develop their knowledge and pedagogical practice.  The school has a strong focus on developing the culture of success for every student by adopting a holistic approach to student well- being. Students participate in sporting, cultural and educational excursions outside the school and various performing groups visit the school periodically to enrich the existing learning program.

Physical Education
Every child in the primary section of the school participates in a program which involves:

  • A weekly physical education session – taken by a specialist teacher.
  • Faction tabloid Athletics carnival (generally Week 5, Term 3).

Some students are invited to participate in carnivals organised by state level sports bodies and Garnduwa Sports. Secondary students participate in Health and Physical Education lessons 4 times per week.

Secondary students have the opportunity to develop their aquatic skills during Term 1 and 4 physical education lessons. The focus can include life saving and rescue skills,  aqua ball sports and preparation for the ‘participation’ based swimming carnival held in Term 1.

Athletics forms a major part of the school’s fitness program and culminates in a whole school Faction Athletics Carnival.  The Athletics carnival is a wonderful school and community event celebrating effort and achievement of many students.

Kimberley Cup
Kimberley Cup is an annual event for secondary students held in Broome during the final week of Term 2. Schools from throughout the Kimberley are invited to attend the week of sporting fixtures and health promotion activities. Historically, Kununurra DHS has sent secondary students to the competition to represent the school in basketball, netball, indoor soccer, volleyball, football, touch rugby and mixed netball. This is a much anticipated event. Fundraising and training commence in Term 1. Participation is via selection trials. ‘Good standing’ is a prerequisite.

Our school has a specialist music teacher who provides all primary classes with specialist tuition. The primary school has a choir which consists of selected students in Years 4 to 6. The school choir performs at various functions throughout the year, both within the school and in the wider community.

Instrumental Music
The school runs a very active instrumental program which aims to give all students from Year 4 onwards the chance to learn to play a musical instrument. In Year 4 students begin the recorder and once they have achieved a certain level they are able to progress on to an instrument of their choice. Instruments available include keyboard, guitar, drums or the brass/woodwind program.

The brass/woodwind program is an extension of the classroom music program and provides students the opportunity to experience the expressive qualities of music through learning to play a band/orchestral instrument.

There are a limited number of school instruments available to students. Students are encouraged to purchase their own instrument at the end of their second year of tuition, once they’ve had time to establish whether they’re committed to playing that instrument. This program continues into the secondary school.

Instrumental music lessons are held before school at no extra cost. These lessons are compulsory for all students who participate in this program. Once they have attained a certain level there is an expectation that students will become a member of the school band which performs at various events throughout the year.

Information and Communication Technologies
The staff at Kununurra DHS recognises the highly technological nature of modern society and the impact technology has on all aspects of learning.  We believe that to be a respected and contributing member of our society students should understand, control and harness information and communication technologies.  Teachers and students view computers, scanners, digital cameras, e-mail inter/intranet technologies as an important teaching and learning tool. Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 have access to a range of high quality information and communication technologies and programs. Students and their parent/caregiver enter into a ‘responsible use’ agreement with the school in order to be able to access the school’s technology resources and services.

Support Programs
Class teachers provide as much special help and assistance to individual students as possible. Support teachers, AIEO’s and Education Assistants help classroom teachers in planning and teaching in nominated subject areas.

Education Support
Kununurra DHS caters for students with special needs who are enrolled to attend our school.  Most special needs students have some allocated assistant time. The education assistant works with teachers to support the student’s integration into the mainstream classroom. KDHS strives to provide facilities to accommodate all education support students.

Excursions/incursions add a special dimension to the learning program. All trips and visits are educationally based and, as such, children are encouraged to participate.  Parents will be given ample notice of coming events and are asked to return a signed consent form by the due date.

All students participating in excursions must be in full school uniform (unless otherwise approved by the Principal), have paid any charges and have returned a fully completed Student Information and Consent form within the timeframe set by the teacher.  Refunds for the cost of transport are not possible in the event that a child does not attend an excursion.  Usually we can refund entry costs. Most, if not all, excursions are ‘by invitation’ and require that students have acceptable behaviour.