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ECE “Mini” Assembly

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Congratulations to the above students from Pre Primary and Year 1 who received last Friday the 5th of September at their “mini” assembly, certificates for excellent book work as well as certificates in recognition of this fortnights behaviour expectation of I am Respectful by Listening Actively.


The latest Bears Club 25, 50 and 75 members were also presented with their certificates of recognition. Keep up the fantastic reading Pre Primary and Year 1’s!

Merit Certificate Recipients – 15th August 2014

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ECE and Year 1

Congratulations to all the students who received Merit Certificates at Assembly on Friday the 15th of August.

Pre Primary – Lachlan Mesken, Taylor Mason, Kiarhn Kennedy, Quaylan Carey, Natascha Pufke, Hope Rawson and Timmy Seymour.
Year 1 – Zoe Williams, Amira Bin Jacob, Dustin Winton, Taliyah Law, Lily McMahon and Kai Clucas.

Year 2&3
Year 2 – Roxy Bohn, Jack Friel, Aahrem Bin Busu, Samantha Smith, Lilly Darby, Tyliesha Carlton and Deakin Irvin.
Year 3 – Lara Cervi,Alex Lovelock, Ava Urbaniak, Courtney Gallagher, Crystal Morris and Kai Board.

Year 4&5
Year 4 – Akirium Morgan, Sherene Martin, Ella Ravenscroft, Anne Clark, Lauren Clark and Jordan Irvin.
Year 5 – Fenella Brady, Elizika Mack, Kendra Engel, Anascia Cook, Jonelle Winton and Juarn Trancollino.

Year 6
Year 6 – Shannyra Ryan, Meg Todhunter, Grace Simpson, Tori Elliott, Patrick Rogers and Chelsea Urbaniak.

Big Barra and Shing Star
Big Barra Award – Jesse Niebling.
Shining Star – Jorjah Walley.

ECE Sports Carnival Survery

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We are asking parents and carers to be involved in providing feedback to the school regarding the running of our ECE Sports Carnival held on the 8th of August this year.

Please click on the link below to submit your responses to 10 questions. Your time is appreciated.

Bears 100 Club!

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Bears 100

Congratulations to the following students who have made it to the Bears 100 Club!

Molly Dietrich, Bessie Cox, Gilbert Cox, Hamish Miners, Samantha Smith, David Nelson – Palmer, Molly Coltman, Jack Warmington, Malcom Slaven, William Cottle, Chelsea Roddy, Jaxon Durrans, Oliver Lynch, Jessica Buck, Ryu-Kai Preston, Xavier Kerr, Dustin Bullock, Tobi Withey, Ellie Spackman, Jade Warmington, Charlotte Mason, Cody Page, Ranura Jayakody, Ella Withey, Taliyah Law, Matilda Simpson, Riley Anders, Holly Ford, Hope Rawson, Brayden Jolly, Beau Mclean, Hayley Finger, Oriana Morgan, Clare Davey, Alison Smith, Temperance McChesney, Jared Storey, Kassariah Cox, Jimmy Fletcher, Kyla Slingsby, Macy Bohn, James Anderson, Nela Honova, Abigail Nelson Palmer, Gabby Dobson, Bella Bolto, Fennella Brandy, Anton Mazzella, Caitlin Dobson, Hayley Goldup, Chloe Allister, Roxy Rohn, Stephanie Okwanma, Jade Clarke, Taj Morgan, Jack Friel and Maria Cox.



The Moving Demountables in ECE!

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As Mr Baker spoke about in the last newsletter, we have been expecting that the two unused transportable classrooms in the ECE area would be moved to another school. Fortunately for the children this happened during the second week of term rather than in the holidays, allowing them to watch the action as the removal occurred. The Pre-Primary and Year One students in Miss Kyna’s class wrote about the morning.

On Monday morning in the Early Childhood area a classroom was moved. A digger was picking up concrete and sand and putting it in the truck. The workers put a fence around the area to stop the kids playing in there. The children in ECE 5 went outside to draw what was happening. First we got our pencils, a book to lean on and a piece of paper. Then we sat outside and watched the digger pick up all the concrete. It was a bit noisy but fun to watch. When they finished the truck drove away and we came back inside to write about it.


BEARS Reading Club

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Bears Club

Congratulations to the above students from Pre-Primary and Year One who received this morning at their “Mini” assembly certificates for Bears Club.
25, 50 and 75 nights of reading were acknowledged. Keep up the fantastic reading everyone!

Merit Certificate Recipients – 1st August 2014

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Merit Certificate Montage

 Congratulations to all the students who received Merit Certificates this morning at Assembly. Well done on a fantastic start to term three. Please note that students aren’t in uniform due to a Free Dress Day. Money raised for today is being donated to Relay for Life.

Pre-Primary – ECE 6 Lena Gallagher and Victor Johns
Pre-Primary – ECE 7 Sophie Friel and Jowan Espie
Pre-Primary – ECE 8 Jason Rayner and Tyler Jackson
Pre-Primary / Yr 1 – ECE 5 Denae Stevens and Sylvani Wright
Yr 1 – Rm 11 Tobi Withey
Yr 1- Rm 12 Naman Raheja
Yr 1- Rm 13 Isabella Hall and Summer Board
Yr 2 – Rm 15 Indiana Hart and everyone in Room 15
Yr 2 – Rm 16 Jalyn Carlton and Shakara Newry
Yr 2 – Rm 18 Jorjah Walley and Lainey Green
Yr 2/3 – Rm 17 Teal Bond Trust and everyonein Room17
Yr 3 – Rm 6 Angel Dryden and Dominik Pufke
Yr 3 – Rm 7 Javia Taylor and Winonah Gore
Yr 3 – Rm 8 Lattayah Benning and Liam Thorneycroft
Yr 4 – Rm 1 Amy Chapman and Dylan Goldup
Yr 4 – Rm 2 Leilani Pitt and Kaylum Rogers
Yr 4 – Rm 5 Stirling Munsie and Claire Richards
Yr 5 – Rm 3 Indiana Dessert and Graeme Jamieson
Yr 5 – Rm 4 Noah Mitchell and Simone Carlton
Yr 5 – Rm 9 Isaiah Park and Ethan Pitt
Yr 6 – Rm 20 Mervyn Wilson and Cameron Portas
Yr 6 – Rm 21 Oliana Malarvie and Tremayne Reid-Ryder
Yr 6 – Rm 19 Shaydeen Gore and Sandi-Anne Dann Gerrard
Shining Star Award Annalise Pearce
Big Barra Award Faye Smith


Musica Viva Concert

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Today our class went to see Adam Hall and the Velvet Players. Firstly we listened to the ‘Choo Choo Boggie’. Then we sang with them. Daniel got to scat with Adam Hall. Then we all listened to them sing a song from the movie The Jungle Book called ‘Be Like You’.

Carl and Tyrone played on the xylophone while we all sang. Then we got to dance with the music for two songs. Our class felt good about seeing Adam Hall and the Velvet Players.

Written by the Students from ECE5 on the 19th of July.

Merit Certificate Recipients – 20th June 2014

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Year 1 & PP

Pre-Primary – Kiara Dew, Alanah Goldup, James Anderson, Callum Scott-Virtue, Holly Ford and Jimmy Fletcher.

 Year 1 – Taeviann Park, Ollie Pinney, Tiarekura Tangimetua, Gracie McKay and Brody Jolly.

Years 2 & 3

Year 2 – Maria Cox, Mathias McLean, Samantha Smith, Tavian Griffiths, Elijah Kelly, Tyrone Griggs and Risharni Churchill.

Year 3 – Sariah Cox, Alison Nitschke, Chloe Mesken, Jessica Anders, Sam Davidson and Robert Gallagher.

Years 4 & 5

Year 4 – Tameka Wells, Elise Kennedy, Jackson Hopkins, Kurt Daylight, Kenisha Parks and Alice Edwards.

Year 5 – Bohdanna Skoglund, Kaleb Dew, Riley Warren, Zephaniah Beebe, Dayna Lewis and Jordan Truman.

Year 6&7

Year 6 – James Baes, Rexalea Webster, Brandan Kent and Shenala Taylor Mengil.

Year 7 – Taylen Binbusu, Halle Carr, Cody Field and Jennisha George.

Shining Star and Big Barra

Congratulations to Max Paul for winning the Shining Star Award.

Congratulations as well to Ashley Faulkner for winning the Big Barra Award.

Pre Primary and Year 1 “Mini” Assembly

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Every second Friday the primary students at Kununurra District High School have a “Mini” assembly. Students meet in their cohort groups, Pre Primary to Year 1, Year 2 to Year 4 and Year 5 to Year 7.  Congratulations to the above students from Pre Primary and Year 1 who received last Friday, certificates for excellent book work as well as certificates in recognition of this fortnights behaviour expectation of I am Responsible by Following Staff Instructions.

The latest Bears Club 25 and 50 members were also presented with their certificates. Keep up the awesome work pre primary and Year 1’s!