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Bears Club

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Bears 1

Congratulations to the above students who have made it to the Bears 25, 50, 75 and 125 Club!!

Bears 2

Special congratulations to Alice, Anton, Kasey and Bessie for receiving their Bears 150 certificates.

Keep up the awesome reading everyone!

Bears 100 Club.

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Congratulations to the following students who have made it to the Bears 100 Club!!

Dylan Goldup
Oliver Rapanaro
James Fysh
Isaac Rapanaro
Ellie Spackman
Coen Bohn

Congratulations also to the following students from Kindy who have reached 100 nights as well:

Alison Smith
Jazmin Keyser
Lachlan Mesken
Amelia Panayi
Isla McDonagh
Hayley Finger
Temperance McChesney

Keep up the great reading everyone!

Bears 100 Club.

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Bears 100 certificates

Congratulations to the following students who have made it to the Bears 100 Club!!

Ranura Jayakody, Zac Snedden, Hamish McDonagh, Molly Coltman, Maria Cox,
Hayley Goldup, Skye Healy, Nela Honova, Dominik Pufke, Jevan Dawe,
Madison Moore, Piper Radke, Charlotte Maso, Tayla Chafer, Eli McChesney,
Jade Warmington, Chenelle Tunnicliffe, Kayti McMahon, Kayti McMahon,
Sebastian Pufke, Jessica Anders and Mia Jackson.

Story Time.

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Last term the Year 7’s from Miss Raven’s class read their narratives to Miss Wilson’s Year 3 class. We spent two weeks writing, editing, and then forming a book complete with drawings. After studying Dreamtime stories, we decided to use the same themes, these included: Law and Right Behaviour, Natural Events, Warning About Dangers and Identity and Belonging. Each student chose a purpose to teach the younger kids through a story.

Our stories are being marked on: characters, setting, theme, plot, complication and resolution, dialogue, imagination and more.

We enjoyed making and reading the stories and seeing if the Year 3’s understood the meanings by asking them what they thought the story was about. The plan was to get them involved, by reading the story back to us and getting them to help with the drawings. This was a great experience for both the Year 7’s and the Year 3’s.

Written by Anna Robinson, Eve Radford and Laura Jewell of Miss Raven’s class.

The Ozmosis Performance.

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Last Friday students from Pre-primary to Year 7 were treated to a live musical performance by the group ‘Ozmosis’. ‘Ozmosis’ are a Jazz ensemble that use musical instruments from many cultures around the world to bring their exciting Jazz rhythms to life. Highlights of the performance were seeing the ‘Throngophone’ – an instrument made out of PVC piping and watching the teachers dance to ‘Rakia’s Dance’ a Middle Eastern Belly Dance with Balkan rhythms.

The ensemble commented on how enthusiastic our students were and at how well they knew the songs and could respond to the the music. They also really enjoyed a lovely luncheon put on by Joy and the hospitality class from Home Economics. Thank you so much Joy, and well done our students at KDHS.

Mrs Jenny Pufke, Primary Music Teacher.

National Simultaneous Storytime at KDHS.

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Montage story time jpeg

On Wednesday the 22nd of May, students from Pre Primary to Year 3 at Kununurra District High School participated in National Simultaneous Storytime. Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country. This year the book read was “The Wrong Book” by Nick Bland.

By facilitating National Simultaneous Storytime we aim to promote the value of reading and literacy and promote the value and fun of books. After listening to the story read by local Councillor Di Ausburn, the students went outside and completed various craft activities.

A great morning was had by all. Many thanks to Australian Library and Information Association and the fabulous library staff At Kununurra Community Library.

Our Latest Bears Club Members.

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Bears club 25 and 50 Montage

Congratulations to the above students who have recently joined the BEARS 25 and 50 Club.

Keep up the great reading everyone!

What Happened to Humpty Dumpty?

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ECE T&E montage

In ECE7 and ECE8 we have been working on a Technology and Enterprise project to save Humpty Dumpty from breaking when he falls off the wall. First we looked at different kinds of materials, like paper, bubble wrap, cotton balls and ribbon. Then we chose some materials and made a plan of how we would use them. We drew a picture of our design to save Humpty Dumpty. Then we made our safety “clothes” for Humpty Dumpty and tested it by pushing him off a wall! Some of our eggs did not crack but some were smashed to pieces. We discovered that bubble wrap when sticky taped to the egg worked really well.

By Mrs Rapanaro and Mrs Connor and the wonderful Pre Primary students in ECE7 and ECE8.

1,000 Cranes for Alyssa.

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Students and staff at Kununurra District High School are currently making paper cranes to show our love and support for Alyssa. For those who have only recently joined us,  seven year old Alyssa is suffering from DIPG – an inoperable and terminal brain tumor. She was diagnosed in April last year and has been amazingly strong throughout this ordeal. When she comes back to school she will be in Miss Moore’s year two class. We are hoping to make 1,000 paper cranes in the spirit of the story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Cranes can be handed in at the front desk and will then be posted to Alyssa and her family in Perth.

Thank you to Miss Kyna and her lovely year two students who made one of the first batches of cranes.

Big Barra and Shining Star Award Winners!

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bigbarra and shining star

Congratulations to Daniel Renowden for winning the Big Barra Award and Kai Clucas for winning the Shining Star Award today. Well done to both of you!! Both from Pre Primary at Kununurra District High School.