Kununurra Follow the Dream Industry Visit

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Last Tuesday the 26th of August Kununurra Follow the Dream students took some time out from after school study to visit Kununurra Agricultural Investments. The students learnt about the different career opportunities available to them in the agriculture industry.

They learnt about the types of agriculture proposed for Ord Stage 2 and the types of jobs the employees did. There were agronomists, an interpreter, IT specialists, accountants, administration, mechanics and a variety of truck drivers and machine operators employed. Many of the students had not been out to KAI and this was a great opportunity for them to see what is happening in the town.

Kununurra Follow the Dream would like to thank the CEO Mr Yin Jianzhong for taking the time to talk to us as well as the General Manager Jim Engelke, Wayne Paul the Logistics Manager, Julian Eastwell the Head Mechanic, Paul Wang the accountant, Harold Lu the Business Analyst and Renae Walley from administration. We would also like to give a big thank you to Lina Bleazby from Workforce Development for organising the visit.

Book Week 2013.

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montage #1

What a fantastic Book Week! As part of our Book Week celebrations, students were asked to come dressed as their favourite story book character for our assembly on Wednesday Morning.

We had Super Heroes, Fairies, Witches and Princesses of all shapes and sizes, and from every story imaginable.  This year’s selection also included Geppetto, Wally, The Cat in the Hat, Miss Frizzle, Mr Saucepan, The Tardis, Jack Sparrow, Angelina Ballerina and almost every storybook animal that you could think of.  Mrs Roach, our Librarian and Ms Van den Ham had the difficult task of selecting four winners from each age group and each of these winners received a certificate and a book donated by the library.

The five Book Week Competition winners were also announced at the assembly and each received a certificate, a book and a $10 voucher kindly donated by Subway.  Winning entries included Tom Sharpe who had his picture taken reading on the Lake Argyle wall and Maddison Moore who was snapped reading in a basketball hoop.  The Wanted Poster Competition was won by Nathan Moore whose character Zac Power was wanted for not showing his ID and for always defeating the bad guys.  Creative students Jackson Lynch and Alice Panayi submitted the winning aliens in the 3-D alien competition.  All entries are still on display in the library.

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At the assembly our visiting story teller Glenn B. Swift provided students, staff and parents with a sample of his storytelling talent. All Pre-Primary and Primary classes were enthralled with the variety of humorous, suspenseful, strange and scary stories told by Glenn throughout the week.  Favourites included Tiki Tiki Tembo, The Hole and The Crocodile.  Many students were thrilled to be able to repeat their favourite stories word for word.

Thanks to all the students, parents and teachers who assisted in making Book Week 2013 such a success. Thanks also to Healthway, 2 Fruit and 5 Veg and Children’s Book Council of Australia who made Glenn’s visit possible.  A special thank you to the library staff, Mr Simpson and the student councillors for their time and effort with the assembly.

Maree Heidke, Library Teacher.

Our School Opening.

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Montage #1

On the 16th of August the new buildings in the Primary area of Kununurra District High School were officially opened with a small ceremony attended by officials, staff and students from years three to five. Mr Teddy Carlton from the Miriwung Gadgerong people opened the ceremony by welcoming everyone. The Year Five students from Miss McKivetts class performed two traditional dances. Then the KDHS choir sang “We are Australian”. We would like to acknowledge special guests Mr Greg Robson, Executive Director of Education for the Kimberley Region and Sue Swenson, Principal Project Officer for the Department Of Education.

Montage #2

Principal Mr Rod Baker then welcomed The Honourable Gary Gray AO MP (Minister for Resources and Energy, Tourism, Small Business) to officially open the buildings. Mr Gray requested the assistance of two year five students to unveil the plaque on the third count of “Tadddda” from everyone present! The plaque now proudly sits on a slab of local zebra rock in the garden outside Room 2.

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School improvement over the past year or two has been positive, thanks to the efforts of our fantastic staff members, both teachers and support staff. Special thank you goes to the head gardener, Mr Rick McLean for all his work in the school grounds during the building process. The school grounds would not look as beautiful today without his dedication to the job. Special thanks were also given to Mrs Donna Scott the schools Business Manager and Mr Geoff Burrows, Building Cordinator for their tireless work in helping see such a large project completed.

End of Semester Whole School Assembley.

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Ass Choir, band and dance montage

We had a great whole-school assembly last Friday the 28th of June, leading up to the mid-year break. We don’t often get everyone together because of the numbers involved, but last week’s assembly was a chance to make the most of the fine weather and celebrate some successes together. Highlights included the fantastic choir and band performances and the dance performed by Ms McKivett’s Year 5 who will do it again at the opening of the new buildings on the 9th August. Students from Pre-Primary to Year 10 received awards for Academic Achievements as well as Behaviour Expectations Awards for the Primary students . I would like to acknowledge the hundreds of great students that we have here who may not win awards regularly but who always do the right thing. Having read the student reports I am reminded again of the many fantastic children and youths that we have here who, by trying hard and always doing the right thing, not only give themselves a real opportunity to succeed, but also make the jobs of teachers easier and more rewarding.

Mr Baker, Principal of Kununurra District High School.

Montage pp - yr 2Miss Connor’s Pre-Primary Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Charlotte Mason. Behaviour Expectations Award: Peggy-Sue Eura.

Mrs Rapanaro’s Pre-Primary Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Brody Jolly. Behaviour Expectations Award: Taylor Lauder.

Mrs Bowle’s Pre-Primary Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Billy Lovelock. Behaviour Expectations Award: Jade Dawe.

Mrs Well’s Year 1 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Jessica Buck. Behaviour Expectations Award: Samantha Smith.

Miss Lewis’s Year 1 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Lola Jakob. Behaviour Expectations Award: Oliver Lynch.

Miss Ange’s Year 1 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Tayla Chafer. Behaviour Expectations Award: Dennisha Green.

Miss Moore’s Year 2 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Lattayah Benning. Behaviour Expectations Award: Molly Dietrich.

Miss Lisa’s Year 2 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Makayla Strange. Behaviour Expectations Award: Crystal Morris.

Miss Kyna’s Year 2 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Isaiha Glasgow. Behaviour Expectations Award: Ailsa Bianco.

Montage yr 3 - 5Mrs Emery’s Year 3 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Tanami Griffiths. Behaviour Expectations Award: Ella Jayne Ravenscroft.

Miss Hayley’s Year 3 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Kelsey Chafer. Behaviour Expectations Award: Jasmine Bohn.

Miss Wilson’s Year 3 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Nela Honova. Behaviour Expectations Award: Elise Kennedy.

Miss Abbott and Ms Atkinson Year 4 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Nathan Moore. Behaviour Expectations Award: Tianna Bin Jacob

Miss Herbert’s Year 4 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Fenella Brady. Behaviour Expectations Award: Isaac Rapanaro.

Mr Johnstone’s Year 4 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Jack Withey. Behaviour Expectations Award: Kayti McMahon.

Miss Embleton’s Year 5 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Bethany Sunderland. Behaviour Expectations Award: Ruth Hadfield.

Miss  McKivett’s Year 5 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Tara Hopkins. Behaviour Expectations Award: Jim Radford.

Mrs Marshall’s Year 5 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Ayeisha Johnstone. Behaviour Expectations Award: Brooke Ravenscroft.

Montage yr 6 -7

Miss Ishiguchi’s Year 6 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Ellen Engelke. Behaviour Expectations Award: Daniel Dietrich.

Miss Hammond’s Year 6 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Anda Crisan. Behaviour Expectations Award: Jay Lister.

Miss Dwyer’s Year 5/6/7 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Jacob Secreve. Behaviour Expectations Award: Laurence Cox.

Mr Smith’s Year 7 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Cara Boyce. Behaviour Expectations Award: Bella McChesney.

Miss Raven’s Year 7 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Anna Robinson. Behaviour Expectations Award: Eve Radford.

Miss O’Rourke’s Year 7 Class:
Academic Achievement Award: Eliza Goulden-Buckley. Behaviour Expectations Award: Kacie Durant.

Specialist montage

Primary Specialist Awards:

Music Award (Junior): Madison Moore. (Middle): Jay Lister. (Upper): Anna Robinson.

Physical Education Award (Junior): Molly Coltman. (Middle): Ethan Pitt. (Upper): Taylor Thornton.

Art Award (Junior): Roxy Bohn aand Darcy Lewis. (Middle): Markos Johns. (Upper): Krystal Schubert.

Library Award (Junior): Steven Palmer. (Middle): Skye Healy. (Upper): Jess Sunderland.

Montage Secondary

Year 8 English: Dakota Shaw.   Year 8 Health: Amber Price.
Year 8 Mathematics: Kirralee Webb.  Year 8 Media: Kirralee Webb.
Year 8 Physical Education: Oscar Murta.  Year 8 Physical Education: Dakota Shaw.
Year 8 Science: Jamie Searle.  Year 8 Society & Environment: Kirralee Webb.

Year 9 Design & Technology: Fraser Stewart.  Year 9 Design & Technology: Aidan Pascoe.
Year 9 English: Rhodes Boyce.  Year 9 Health: Sheridan Dessert-Lauder.
Year 9 Health: Chloe Symons.  Year 9 International Food: Rhodes Boyce.
Year 9 Mathematics: Chloe Crockett.  Year 9 Media: Cassey Taylor.
Year 9 Physical Education: Rhodes Boyce.  Year 9 Physical Education: Dillan Kuiper.
Year 9 Science: Casey Baker.  Year 9 Society & Environment: Rhodes Boyce.

Year 10 English: Paul Crisan.  Year 10 Health: Amanda Stewart.
Year 10 Media: Joshua Burrows.  Year 10 Physical Education: Jesse Shaw.
Year 10 Science: Joshua Burrows.  Year 10 Society & Environment: Joshua Burrows.

Garden of Lights – Senior School Ball.

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On Saturday evening April 13th, sixty-five elegantly dressed young adults arrived at the Kimberley Grande for the 2013 ‘Garden of Lights’ School Ball. The arrivals varied from siren blaring police cars, to ‘ditched at the alter’ scooter, to watering can wheelbarrows.  Two Year 9 valets assisted the girls when alighting from their vehicles. It was great to see the students using their imagination on designing their arrivals. While watching the arrival the students sipped mocktails made by Ms Stephenson and served by a small group of Year 9 girls.


Once the students arrived they walked along the red carpet through the garden arch and into the ball room.  The Kimberley Room was transformed into a fairy light twinkling, flower and ivy garden. The students were served a three course meal and in between each course the students danced.  The first dance session was the ballroom dancing.  The students had ballroom dancing lessons all term twice a week.  The students danced very skilfully through the Waltz, Slow Rhythm, Progressive Jive and Disco Madison to name a few.  It was lovely to see the majority of students up dancing and having fun.  The other dance sessions very popular and the students danced to popular music.


After dinner the Belle and Beau were announced.  Our Belle was a very beautiful Kahli Rodriguez.  Our Beau was a very dashing Tahi Morton. The best arrival was also announced, it was shared by Queenie Kelly, Ashlee Morgan, Tahi Morton and Jai Wilson.


A Ball is not organised by one person, it takes several kind businesses and people to put a ball together.  I would like to thank all the businesses and people that made the 2013 Garden of Lights Senior School Ball possible.  Thank you to the Secondary Staff that helped set-up, supervise and pack-up over the weekend.  A very big thank you to Fiona Kuiper for her decorating ideas, decorations and time.

Mrs Libuše Dessert, Senior School Coordinator.

These photographs have been kindly provided by the KIMBERLEY ECHO.

1,000 Cranes for Alyssa.

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Students and staff at Kununurra District High School are currently making paper cranes to show our love and support for Alyssa. For those who have only recently joined us,  seven year old Alyssa is suffering from DIPG – an inoperable and terminal brain tumor. She was diagnosed in April last year and has been amazingly strong throughout this ordeal. When she comes back to school she will be in Miss Moore’s year two class. We are hoping to make 1,000 paper cranes in the spirit of the story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Cranes can be handed in at the front desk and will then be posted to Alyssa and her family in Perth.

Thank you to Miss Kyna and her lovely year two students who made one of the first batches of cranes.

Cooking In ECE8.

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In ECE8 at Kununurra District High School we have been busy doing some cooking. This week we made scones and last week we popped some popcorn. We are counting, measuring and learning about science in action every time we do cooking. And it is also delicious!